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Welcome to Al Wakrah Industrial, Trading, Cont. Co (w.l.l)


AL-WAKRAH FIBERGLASS have more than 300 and above products. Most of them are customized. Find some of our major products below:

Domestic Products

Water Tanks (Cylindrical, Vertical & ) Shades for House. Bathtubs (in different sizes). Fiberglass Wash Basins. Jecosy. Fiberglass Window A/C Drip Tray. Fiberglass Doors. Fiberglass Electrical Boxes. Fiberglass Roofs for Steam Room. Fiberglass Everlasting Furniture. Fiberglass Garden Furnitures. Fiberglass Artificial Waterfalls. Fiberglass Slider. Fiberglass Domestic Waste Bins with Flap tops. Fiberglass Portable Kitchen & Bathrooms.
Major Products

GRP Grating. • GRP Liners. • GRP Heavy Duty Manholes. • GRP Ladder. • GRP Pultrusion Profile. • GRP Pipes & Fittings. • GRP In-situ Lamination. • GRP Hot Press Panel Tanks.
Major Products

GRP Floating Dock Marina System. • GRP Fire Water Line System. • GRP Domes. • GRP Porto Cabins in different Sizes. • GRP Cabin Toilets. • Airport Counters. • Modular Tank System. • GRP Home & Garden Furniture. • GRP Garden Roofing & Parking. • Corrugated Reeling Sheets. • GRP Press Panel Doors. • GRP Shade for D
Major Products

Fire-hose Boxes. • Electrical Boxes. • GRP Cable Tray. • GRP Porto-Cabins. • GRP Artificial Water Falls. • GRP Wash Basin, Bath Tub & Swimming Pools. • GRP Fresh water, Chemical, Fuel & Sewage Tanks in different sizes.

"Tawash" is the brand name of boats manufactured by AL WAKRAH FIBERGLASS. Tawash Boats are the largest and leading product of fiberglass boats. Tawash boat is a pioneer in marine product building state of the art fishing, Pleasure & commercial and special purpose military/patrol boats with wide range starting from 9 to 35 feet . Tawash is the brand recognized for its reliability in the marine manufacturing industry, innovative design layouts and stylish for the market. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities enable us to in-house major production process and ensure tighter quality control, cost efficiency and the ability to be flexible with client requirements.

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